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Warning Signs Your Landlord is Overcharging Expenses

Lease Review Parameters

Many tenants are substantially overcharged operating expenses, yet few exercise their annual lease audit rights. Read More >
Fair Share Lease Advisors LLC

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Fair Share serves a national tenant base. Our team includes former commercial real estate Presidents, CFOs and property accountants, well-versed in the ways in which tenants may be mischarged for their rent and overcharged for their fair pro-rata share of operating expenses.

Our experience is that many tenants are substantially overcharged operating expenses, yet few tenants exercise their annual lease audit rights as contained in the lease documents. And many clients have neither the internal manpower, nor the decades of landlord-side experience, which Fair Share brings to the table on your behalf.

Fair Share also locates savings in base rents, tenant improvement allowances and other economic credits due from landlords under our clients’ leases, as well as uncovering any landlord violations of other, qualitative lease terms – which may sometimes generate extended periods of reduced or free base rent, in addition to any CAM refunds due.

And, depending on the particular lease language, our services are generally performed on a contingency basis – meaning zero cost to our client unless Fair Share determines that the tenant has in fact been overcharged, with our fee paid from the savings generated.